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cool earth defenders
are the champions who work to save the planet everyday

Interviews with people who deliver results through education, revegetation, agitation and propagation. In their words they tell how they began working for the sake of the planet, how they deal with opposition, and what keeps them going.

Cool Earth Defenders, there are many thousands of you out there. This is a beginning. Here are some links, information and action points for your inspiration.



Maurice Beinat
Draft Not Want Not
Director EcoMasters Inc
Maurice and Lynn Beinat are founders of this innovative company, consulting for governments and homeowners, in developing solutions for reducing energy costs and usage, in homes.
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Bob Brown
A Few Words from Bob
The Australian Greens Senator
The inaugural Parliamentary Leader of the Australian Greens and his address to a Climate Rally on 13 June 2009, Melbourne, Australia.
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Rob Gell
We Have to Double Glaze Australia
A well-known television weather presenter, who has been galvanising grassroots and industry groups with his no-nonsense facts and figures.
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Richard Gray
I Do Like Planting Trees
Bush Regenerator
For fifteen years this former cabaret singer has weeded, poisoned and planted along the creeks of Melbourne, turning rubbishy sites into habitat for our native fauna and flora.
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De Grebner
The Long Term Tree Project
Project Manager, Tree Project
A tree champion by accident, De now works daily on the connection between urban and rural people, and growing trees.
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Frank Ryan
Not the Sage on Stage, the Guide Beside
Director of Vox Bandicoot Inc
As the leader of this award winning environmental education company, Frank is a powerhouse of ideas and humour. The groundbreaking project Sustainability Street, connects people with their neighbourhood and their Footprint Flab.
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Carrie Tiffany
To Understand the Land Through My Skin
Editor Landcare Magazine
A former national park ranger in Central Australia and now a novelist, Tiffany has a close affinity with farmers improving and caring for the land.
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Terry White
The Triple Bottom Line
Western Alliance for Greenhouse Action Co-ordinator
Terry founder and edited the Permaculture Magazine, inspired the planting of over 300,000 trees, and is now researching and designing renewable energy grids.
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If you have feedback or comments please email: coolearthdefenders@yahoo.com.au


"But how to do it, without every eye glazing over as the familiar statistics sound, merry as a leper's bell?"
Gore Vidal 1989 and the dilemma of the communicating the state of the planet.


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